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Railing Infill Application

Railing Infill

Infill panels are designed for use in guardrail, stairway, and balcony applications.  With products available in a variety of designs, metals, and finishes, Coda Architectural railing infill will complement virtually any project while providing necessary safety and code compliance. 

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Fencing Infill Application

Fencing Infill

Architecturally pleasing panels utilized for fencing applications provide security and privacy while enhancing aesthetics.  Easily installed to a variety of post options, designers are able to create unique fence systems that enhance adjacent architecture. 

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Economy Fencing Application

Economy Fencing

Standardized panels and posts provide a modular system that is adaptable to nearly any condition.  Available in two distinct styles, the economy fence line is readily available for quick and economical installation.   

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Screening infill application

Screening Infill

Louvered panels provide visual screening while allowing for free airflow.  Available in steel and aluminum, diverse styles and spacings allow for varied amounts of concealment and ventilation to meet application requirements.

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Sunshade Infill Application

Sunshade Infill

Panels in a variety of patterns and materials are easily incorporated into canopies and awnings to provide shade.  Lightweight and easy to install, Coda Architectural sunshade infill is adaptable to a wide range of structural supports. 

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Gates Application


Access and egress gates are available in standard and custom offerings for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Utilizing Coda Architectural products as the centerpiece of the design, gates can be fabricated with limitless dimensional and hardware requirements. 

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