Coda noun \ˈkō-də\: a concluding section that is formally distinct from the main structure; something that serves to round out, conclude, or summarize and usually has its own interest

Our Story

Coda Architectural is a product offering developed by Grating Pacific, an established company in the metal fabricating industry. Founded in 1971, Grating Pacific was built on the foundation of superior customer service to companies in need of steel and aluminum bar grating products.

Over time, the company has diversified its product offerings and grown to become the premier fabricating distributor of industrial flooring products in the Western United States. As the utilization of grating-related products for architectural requirements has expanded over the last decade, the

company has recognized a market interest in specialty products designed specifically for these applications.

It was in this spirit that Coda Architectural was created and introduced to the design community. The offerings represent a continuing evolution of architectural products that elevate traditional materials to an attractive, concluding element for any work. Coda Architectural products are visually elegant, distinctly flexible, and provide a complementary finish to nearly any architectural design.

Design Consultation

Grating Pacific is adept at supporting the needs of design professionals from concept to completion. We also gladly service the requirements of general and sub-contractors, and the specific needs of end users. Our broad range of experience with architectural and industrial products makes us uniquely qualified to assist with every step of the construction process. Contact us to discuss the requirements of your specific project.

Product Selection

With more than forty years of experience, we are able to assist with the selection of materials and patterns for your design applications.

Customized Solutions

Our ability to tailor Coda Architectural products, details, and specifications to your individual requirements will help you complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Finish Choices

Sharing our in-depth knowledge of finishes and their specific performance characteristics will allow you to select the best option for your project.


Coda Architectural products are designed to meet applicable building codes and specific engineering criteria. Our in-house load calculation program allows us to provide immediate documentation of our panel designs. Custom engineering services are also available for fence and infill panel posts and connections. Our goal is to provide complete engineering services delivered to you, on your schedule, as efficiently as possible.